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Thursday, December 19, 2013

It Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Sending Christmas greetings far and near.
Receiving greetings from friends so dear.
Today brought a homemade penguin card
And a group of snow folks in a snowy yard.

Small and grand homes decorated inside and out
Make kids of all ages point and shout.
With smiles spread across their small faces
Excited children visit Santa in all sorts of places.

Not all celebrate a Christmas covered in snow.
For half the earth is in the middle of summer's glow.
Believers and non believers both join in the glee.
As Buddhist and atheists will put up a tree.

Watching Christmas movies all day long.
Having the stereo blasting a Christmas song.
All this is done while making Christmas goodies.
These will be given to friends who are foodies.

Sure, there is shopping, traffic and short tempers.
But it is all worth it as a believer remembers.
This is a celebration of a gift from above
A Creator the sent us humans a perfect gift of love.

This week Spin Cycle bloggers give our spin
On our feelings of all this busy Holiday din.
Sleigh on over to Gretchen's or Ginny Marie's
To see who thinks Christmas is a pain or a breeze!

Now to close out this badly done rhyming yarn
And let you know I really was not raised in a barn.
I wish to all you folks out in the blogosphere
The Merriest of Christmases and Happy New Year!

Second Blooming

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