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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gladys Knight, Pips, Christmas Decorating, Menu Planning, etc.

As I sat finishing up Christmas Cards, I had to get into the computer to get an address.  TV was tuned to Arsenio Hall.  And there was Gladys Knight.  Looking good.  I mean really good.  So what if Spanx is shaping the waist.  She is two years older than me, 69 years old.  Dang, no wrinkles.  It is the black complexion thing.  I did not know the fact about the black complexion till one of my friends in UMW laughed when I guessed her age.  I was off by almost 20 years.

So here is Gladys on an appearance on Soul Train October, 8, 1972.

Gladys Knight sometime this year.  Talk about aging well!

The neck will tell age on folks like me.  Look at that neck!

This is what I looked like in 1973:
Queen of Wrinkles
Why the heck call the backup singers Pips?  It was the nick name of Gladys' man around town cousin, James Woods.  The second definition that a Google search yields is "an excellent or very attractive person or thing."  The Pips were nice eye candy in 'the day' and great talent.

How is your Christmas decorating coming along?  I have as set of Santa and Snowman salt and pepper shakers, a Santa toothpick holder, Santa cups and a couple of votive holders shaped like Santa and a Snowman.  I want decorations up but really as late as it is, why even mess with it?  If you have good reasons for decorating, please, leave a note.  Or maybe quick, easy, not cost ideas.  I'll consider the options.  And I'll post pictures of any ideas I implement.

What is for dinner?
I really get tired of that question.  Guess I should subscribe to one of the many online menu planning services.  But I'm too cheap to pay for the service.  We are left with abysmal menus that I have recycled for the last 46, that is  forty six, yes, forty and six years.  Getting a little boring.  Suggestions anyone?

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