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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve 1966

We were both still young and very in love.  We were to attended a party at the home of an equally young married couple.  He was Boyfriend at the beginning of the evening.  Shortly before the stroke of midnight he pulled me aside.  He pulled my into his arms, turned me around so I was facing his hands.  And there was a small box.  He opened it while saying, "Will you spend the rest of you life with me?"  We were joined in marriage the next summer on a warm June evening.

What God joined together that long ago night has to date not been put asunder.  It has not been an easy journey at times.  Over the decades hundreds, possibly thousands, of things and situations pulled and tugged at the relationship . Sure there was the usual toilet roll dispensing and toothpaste tube squeeze point "discussions".  Other discussions were brought on by differences in upbringing, differences in child rearing styles, work, bankruptcy, temptations and even when to turn on a turn signal.  Forty seven years gives lots of opportunities for discussions of differences.  Together we have fought through these challenges.

Without Husband's patience it would probably been done in the first year or so.  Forgiveness has been essential for the marriage to survive.  Understanding has been another part of the glue to keep us together.  Developing coping skills with changing dynamics that aging brings about has proven important.  And just being there during dark times.  Learning to appreciate the special gifts that are inherent in each other.

Husband's special gift is his attention to the small, seemingly insignificant things in life.  During one especially rough summer, I would not have given you two cents for our marriage to continue.  We went on a float trip with friends.  Nothing Husband did pleased me that day.  "Why do I want to stay with this man", ran through my mind as we brought the canoe onto the pebble covered river's edge.  It was the end of the float trip.  Husband bent over and picked up a rock with a shell fossil on it.  I would have stomped on by the rock but he took time to notice God's creation.  That is when it came to me that Husband was in my life to help me see the small things.  I still do not know what I bring  to Husband.

Tonight we await the new year in a new home with a new lifestyle.  It has been 47 years since he slipped the ring on my finger.  I still wear the same ring.  Never wanted anything different.  It is not big, showy nor flashy.  It is exactly us, simple.   Several years ago I noticed the stone was so loose in the setting it could completely rotate.  The jeweler who replaced the worn prongs joined the wedding band and engagement ring together permanently.  The rings are old and are worn thinner.  We are old and much thicker!  But we are all still together and loving it.

Happy New Year to my best decision ever!

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