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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Football, Vinyl Records and A Little More Christmas

I made the mistake of turning on the TV this morning.  I then failed to turn it off once we located the indoor antenna in the "best reception" spot.  Locating the optimal spot could be a complete blog post.  But how many people need to or even want to know how many places we have put the antenna?  How many weird positions we stood in or weird places we taped the paper thin antenna?

I wonder how many people are really interested in our getting sucked into watching NFL football?  Living in Missouri football watching had diminished considerably.  Now that we are living in football Utopia, the bug has grabbed Husband again.  Sundays and holidays will not become football days, again.  With Son and Oldest Grandson both being huge sports fans, well, I do not stand a chance.  Thank goodness for Netflix on my computer and earphones!

Before the footballs began flying on the TV screen, Husband unloaded the box of vinyl records.  We kept his circa 1965 portable stereo.  It sits on a stand with rollers and has storage for the records on the cart.  Husband hooked the system up complete with the two speakers and played some classic Chet Atkins.  This is the first time the system had been played in at least 15 to 20 years.  And it worked pretty darned good for a 48 year old piece of technology.  Husband who grew up on a radio and television repair bench wants to work on the turntable and needle arm.  He thinks he can restore the unit to its original smooth operation.

The vinyl record albums were a trip in themselves.  Albums from my early teen years, albums from early married years. The albums stretch into our son's early teen years.  Sesame Street, The Art of Belly Dancing, Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Elvis, Dan Fogelberg, Ernie Ford, Paul McCartney, Pink Panther, Michael Jackson and the list goes continues.  A different time in this world of technology.  I just went on line and grabbed this Dan Fogleberg favorite.  Listening to it on my computer with earphones to block our the Denver Oakland noise.

My niece posted a couple of the pictures from the Santa visit during our family gathering.  Thought I would share these with the blog friends.

This is only about half of my Mom's great and great great grandchildren.  Yes, that is a set of twins in the back row.  Can you figure out the family groups?

Santa hugging my 95 year old Mom while Aunt Opal holds her great grandson, the youngest family member at our family Christmas party.

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