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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday, Like You Did Not Know That

Yes, it is Sunday and I still have not left the apartment.  Since Wednesday.  And I am still in my PJ's from last night.  I will need to shower and change PJ's before bed.  But the china cabinet is now full of stuff and the temporary home is empty.  There were two containers that will not fit in the china cabinet.  Will they be in the for sell stack or in the store room?  One is cups that match the dessert sets, the other is crystal and little crystal dessert dishes that were Gene's Grandma Harness.  So probably no on the sell stack.

Yesterday was the first day for all three grandsons to drop by the new place.  They seemed to make themselves at home.  I could get accustomed to this.  Kiddos we get to see every few days instead of once or twice a year.  Tomorrow night we get to see Youngest perform in a play as he is in a drama club or something like that.  Works perfectly for his personality.  And, of course, he is just incredibly cute!  All three of them are cute moving toward handsome.

My mom is calling every day cause I am so much closer.  Still a couple hundred miles away but a couple hundred miles closer.  Mom is doing okay.  She is not happy that she is not still in independent living.  Not really something we can change.  Aging is not something over which we have control.  maybe some influence but no real control.  Mom was determined to get her Christmas cards done.  She is half way through.  Which means either her hand and wrist are better than she lets on or she will be in pain for a few days.

Mom is ahead of me.  Guess I spend too much time blogging.  Or maybe unpacking.  Or shopping.  Or just plainly avoiding doing the cards.  I did get one (1) thank you typed today.  An email thank you.  Hope that counts.  So it is Sunday, Dec. 8.  It has been 30 days since we arrived at the new place.  There is a Christmas wreath hanging on the door.  On the floor next to the door is a penguin welcoming folks to come on in and chill out.  And inside is a 67 year old woman in a pair of candy cane PJ's.  Time to go to bed.  After all, tomorrow is Monday.
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