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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Every Friday at high school pep rallies or for any functions where all classes were gathered in the gym or auditorium the chants would begin.  Each class had its own chant.  The chant was all about the year you would graduate.  I have not a clue what the other classes shouted those many years ago.  Our chant is indelibly written in my memory. 

We're the Greatest Class Alive, Senior Class of '65.

The Greatest Class Alive was just beginning the summer vacation before our senior year back in 1964.  Fifty years ago.  Five Oh years ago.  Universities were attended, jobs were worked and wars were fought since that long ago graduation.  Vietnam took too many of the members of the class of '65.   Marriages, divorces, children, grandchildren and even a few with great grandchildren are now part of the Greatest Class Alive's resume.

There were only 14 students that graduated from Allen High in 1965.   One of the fourteen was shot down over North Vietnam.  He survived, served 20 years in the military and now lives south of Austin.  Another of the 14 went on to become the police chief of Allen.  Allen now has 1,400 graduates from the high school.  Two of the fourteen of the '65 graduates have passed away.  The valedictorian owns a consulting firm for municipalities.  Most of the fourteen attended and graduated from colleges or universities, East Texas, Texas A & M, SMU, North Texas, Baylor are a few of the names.  One or two became a hair dressers, another a teacher while a couple of us just did what came along the way of life.

The graduates of a nearby high school that I attended my freshman and sophomore years had a party in 2012.  The theme of the party was Class of 65 turns 65.  That was the big school in which we would do the chant.  I did not go to the party though it surely looked fun.  That was the year Hubby and I each had a new knee put in and he had another pulmonary embolism.  Just seemed wise not to make a 400 mile trip at that time.

The high school graduation was the last graduation for me personally.  I have witnessed friends, nieces, nephews, son and daughter in law.  Son refused to do his walk for his Master degree, too much attention and over too quickly.  I surely hold respect for persons who continued a formal education.  The self discipline to just hang tough through the studies, the hours, the work and the experience of college.

For decades I regretted not having a college education.  A few years ago I graduated from the regrets.  I took ownership for being the reason I have only 3 hours of higher education.  I accepted and rejoiced in my choices.  With probably three fourths of my life behind me I am still part of the Greatest Class Alive, Class of '65.

For more takes on graduation, join Ginny and Gretchen at The Spin Cycle.  And Congratulations to all the members of the class of 2014 no matter the degree or life lesson.

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