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Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Would You Do?

After several mornings of the rising sun shining through that small hole in the blinds directly in my eyes I decided a drapery might be pleasant in the bedroom.  I mulled the drapery over in my mind for a few days.   Sister came to visit and the early morning  light in the living room awoke her.  That caused me to think about drapes for the living area.  Or would we rather have a sun sail over the patio instead of drapes?  Decisions, decisions.

I felt like a song from the sixties or seventies, looking at life from both sides now.  Finally decided to go with the drapes.  The research and search for the drapes took quite some time, well, in my book some time.  Finally good old JCPenney provided a sale on drapery stuff.  I took advantage of a coupon, free shipping and a 15% rebate from the Ebates company.  The first three drapery choices were out of stock.  I settled on one design and ordered 8 panels, 2 rods and one set of hold backs.  The items arrived while I was in the Dallas area.

Upon return home, I quickly retrieved the items from the business office of the apartments.  The color of the drape was good but it was chenille fabric.  I am not a chenille fabric person so a return to the local store was necessary to avoid shipping charges.  No problem, I printed the receipt and off we went in Icie for a day of errands.

We took the WW I thank you from France for service rendered by Husband's uncle to a frame shop.  The document would be preserved for posterity.  The uncle, Harold,  never left the US.  He died of the flu before ever being deployed overseas.  Anyway, he died while serving in the military during the War to end all wars.  And France sent a lovely document acknowledging the loss of his life in service.  It matters not that he never went there any more than the War to end all wars didn't end wars.  It was the thought that France cared enough to be thankful.

Oops, my mind drifted a little off subject.  Or maybe not.  Drapes were returned, refunds made and we made it home safely.  I again shopped on line as no stores stock the 108" panels I need.  Purchases were made but the 15% rebate was down to 3%.  Bummer, $45 lost in the transaction.  I picked up the refund ticked and realized the Penney's employee had accidentally refunded all monies.  That included two rods and the hold backs.  That was another $100+.  The refund also cost me the 15% on the items I was not returning.  Additional bummer.

Yes, I could keep the stuff and just consider it Penney's loss.  That would make up for the $60 rebate I was losing.  What would you do?  Just keep the stuff and consider Penney's cost of business for making the error.  No, I could not.  Not wired that way.  I contacted Penney's about the error.  A few emails and phone calls later the error was corrected.  I cannot even count the number of times the person with whom I dealt said thanks for being honest.  She is mailing me the receipt for paying for the not returned stuff.

If the person writes thanks on the receipt, guess I could frame it.  It could then hang next to the "Thanks for giving your life for our freedom" document.  Dying during war and just doing the right thing are not quite in the same league.  Well, whatever.  And that's all I have to say about that.


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