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Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's Saturday Morning

It's another bright, sunny Saturday morning here in central Texas.  The Blue Jay, Mockingbirds and Mourning doves are arguing over who is next at the feeder.  Hubby has been outside enjoying the early morning by sitting next to the pool.  I have had my breakfast of second place people, store branded toasted o's and banana.  I am too cheap to by the breakfast of champions.

Yesterday we completed the move from the upstairs storage room to the rooms next to our apartment.  We could have gotten everything in one unit but for one thing, the Jeep hardtop.  After much research online a suitable device was found that will roll into the medium sized storage room.  It will hold the hardtop, both doors, the soft top and windows.  The device arrived yesterday.  I suspect Hubby will assemble the device today.  It is, after all, Go Topless day as proclaimed by the Jeep community.

That man loves him some Jeep stuff.  Especially with the top and doors off.  He has been Mr. Sad Face over not being able to take the top off.   So this newest purchase has seen his expression change.  Now just to get the whole thing put together and the top placed on it.  I purchased it on E-bay and was able to get some money back with the Ebates cash back button.  That application lets me know whenever a site offers cash back on purchases.

Our bag was red.
The worms for the composter arrived yesterday, also.  Unfortunately the 1000 worms did not have a cash back offer.  They were free shipping and a coupon for 12% discount.  The worms have joined the 20 or so we had purchased at  WalMart.  I will be starting a second level of the composter today.  It is being interesting to learn this technique for disposing of kitchen wastes instead of dumping in the trash.  Don't get me wrong, I still put plenty of waste in the trash bins, just not a lot of veggie trimmings.  As for the composter, we are not noticing any smell, just some fruit flies.

It's been fun visiting with you this morning.  Hope you will leave a comment to let me know what's happening in your lives.  I will keep you posted on the hard top removal project and the worm composter.  Life is simple for two old farts.  Oh, yes, Icie is speaking in a language I understand.  She is still having some difficulty with my speech, however.  But with an overall average of 43 MPG at this point, what's a little misunderstanding between friends?

P.S.  If you do much online shopping, just click the Ebates button on this blog.  It will take you to the site where you can sign up of the program.  I have another $60 check on the way this week.
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