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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Last Game of the Season

At 2:45 this afternoon we stood on the sidelines of the last soccer game of the spring season.  Middle grandson made an awesome penalty kick that scored a point.  He is awesome.  He was given the Craziest Player award by the coach during the post game awards ceremony.  Post game, end of season ceremony for 9 year old kids playing soccer is not squirting anything on each other in a fancy locker room.  It is sitting in the grass, drinking water out of gallon jugs while parents hold umbrellas over them to relieve some of the heat.  There was talk of a swim party at one of the parent's homes later.

Last game of spring soccer season.  In three weeks swim meets begin.  Son tells us they start at 7 AM and last till around 11 to 1 depending on the location.  I must assume all swim meets are held in swimming pools of the same size.  So what makes the same number of events last two hours longer?  No matter.  We have a new 10' x 10' shade tent in a tan color to absorb less Texas sun.  We have lounge chairs and coolers.  We have water bottles with the thing in the middle we freeze.  But today was the last soccer game of the spring season.  We were not sad, we were sweating.  We had left our chairs in the other car.  New problem since we have two cars again.

Please, note, also, that I said spring soccer season.  All three grandsons will do swim meets till they leave in July for a month out of state.  Upon returning, fall soccer season practices will begin.  Labor Day weekend is usually a tournament in Houston.  And the cycle of three and four games each weekend will return.  Again we will stand or sit (if we remember our chairs) on the sidelines cheering for Reed, Brano, Jack, Garrison, etc, etc and of course the three grandsons.  Cause that is our job now, being supportive grandparents and loving them.

An update on Icie.  Gas mileage is settling in at around 43 MPG overall.  Individual trips have a notice as to the mileage for that trip.  One 8 mile trip today had 55 MPG.  We are communicating better with The Voice, who is speaking English these days.  My car is multilingual.  My car is smarter than I am.  It  knows the best route to take, it knows the proper distance to the next object when backing,  It can see backwards.  It is having trouble with its senior citizen operators remembering how to phrase commands like how to turn on the radio or find the nearest Starbucks.  But Icie will get us trained!

One other thing.  Along the right side of my blog post you will see an icon for Ebates.  I have used Ebates for a few years now.  I am not a fan of going shopping in a store.  I am not too critical about how my clothing fits.  As long as it does not fall off when I walk or split when I bend over I am happy.  Trying to shop for clothes for Hubby's 6'2" 3XL frame is expensive in the speciality shops, down right annoying in most stores.  Trying to find 12 W shoes in a style he likes is why I am so wrinkled.  Online shopping works best for us.  Today we received a check for just under $40.  Another check for around $60 is on the way.  All I had to do was be a member of Ebates and start shopping through their site.  There is no, repeat, no fee for this application.  There is even a button for your browser that will alert you if a site has cash back or other special deals while you are surfing/shopping. Of course there is an app for your smarter than me phones, too.  If you are interested just click here to get started.  Happy shopping!

Other than the cash back from my shopping trips, I have received no compensation for this recommendation at this time.  Sure if 2 million people sign up through my blog, I might get a few coins.  But since there are only about 3 people that regularly read my blog, this is just free advertising for ebates!

All you mothers and mothering persons have a wonderful Mother's Day and stay cool!  Here is a little flower for each of you.  I took the picture yesterday while on a morning walk around the complex and nearby park.

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