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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let's Have Some Fun!

Life can be dull in the later years.  Mobility issues and just plain not wanting to do anything is a daily challenge.  Some folks will do word puzzles.  Other are glued to TV mindless shows.  What starts out as a time to just relax for a bit turns into hours looking at stuff on a computer screen.  Those sentences describe me at this time in my life.  Not so much the mobility issues.  Occasionally my left hind foot complains about bending when I walk.  I am deciding to just get over it!

Yesterday I spent time attempting to calculate the distance of the arc of a parabola.  The distance was needed to buy enough pole material for Youngest's bunk bed fort project.  Literally hours were spent trying to do get the answer.  It had been decades since I did that much trig.  Just now I popped over to a new tab and found a site I can plug in the height and width.  Oh, well, at least I exercised my brain cells yesterday.  Today the cells are sore from the exercise.

Recently I have been thinking about how to become acquainted with folks in our area that have what? You see, we are not sure what we are loking for at this point.  We are acquainted with several of the folks our son knows.  We enjoy being around the younger minds.  It feels like we are needing to get to know some folks closer to our own age.  Hubs needs a coffee bud.  We need time apart.  800 sq. ft. keeps us in close proximity. All The.Time.  Thank goodness we at least have separate sinks in the bathroom.

Back to the subject of getting acquainted.  Ways to meet folks could be either church or the sorority group to which I belonged.  Those both carry commitments beyond a cup of coffee.  We do not think we are ready for that quite yet.  I put an idea out there for a coffee group for newer retirees.  I thought about a name of either, huh, what was it?  Shoot!  I forgot what I was gonna call it.  Just a second let me check out that post of facebook.  I wrote it down there.

It is now two hours later.  I have read all sorts of posts and responded.  Checked out a couple of blog posts and the newest awesome Google shots.  I looked up the 99 cent movie of the day on Vudu.  Decided to stop that and get back to my blog.  Shoot!!!  I forgot to get the possible names of the coffee group.  Okay, I'm back.  The name choices are Old Java Buds or Cup 'o Farts.  Now I need you to vote on the name.  So far I have one vote for Cup 'o Farts.

What I really need is to program a button for visitors to just click a vote.  Looks like I am off to cyberspace to figure that out.  No telling when I will be back, so don't hang around.  Go on about your day.  But thanks for stopping by and visiting for a while.  If you leave a comment it feels more like a visit!

I wasted used unproductively several hours searching for the button counter solution to use with blogger.  If I wait to post this till I know how to do the counter, it will never happen.  Just leave a comment or call and we will drink a cup while visiting.

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