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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Gettin' My Summer On!

It is vacation, Smile!!

Living in the central part of Texas is a new experience for me.  Being a Texas born and raised, fourth generation, has little bearing on living in the central part of the state.  When Alaska melts due to climate change, Texas will regain its rightful title as the largest state in the Union.  Well, that is if the melted Alaska ice does not flood most of the coastal plains of Big Texas.  Yet again, I digress.

In many ways the blackland farms of North Texas are like a different state than this area of Texas. There are real hills in this area.  There is farmland but much more grazing areas for cattle.  This area is in one of the worst droughts in recent history.  A string of record highs last year with record lows in the fall and winter left me not trusting the weather.  The weather predictions to seem to be leveling out into the mid to high 90's for the foreseeable future.

To help get me in the mood to get my summer on I dug out some of the old vacation photos from my childhood.  As you look over the photos know that Mom made most of the clothing worn by my sisters and me as well as her's and Aunt Opal's clothing.  She would be sewing for weeks in between plowing, hoeing or hauling crops to market.  Going into summer or going on vacation always meant new clothing.  This tradition continues.

Guess it is now summer till sometime in November here in Texas.  Probably past time to get my summer on!  I have a new swim suit, a two piece along with several new blouses and knee knockers.  I am, also, sporting 10 additional pounds this summer.  What that means is one more inch of gunk squeezed from the tube of factor 90 sunblock.  The sun is closer to me down here and burns my fair skin too quickly.  Flipflops (I still call them thongs cause it is fun to watch young shoe salesmen when I ask for thongs) have been dug out of hiding.

Modeling new two piece suits while
standing in the hay field.  And
Sports Illustrated thought they
were doing something new.
One always needs a beach towel either to cover as much body on the way to the edge of the pool or to actually dry off with after a dip.  Then recover the body for the walk back to the apartment.  A beach bag to carry the sunblock for reapplications.  The bag is in our closet with all the beach towels neatly folded for storage.  I need a book in the bag to read while 'sunbathing', AKA jan-a-cueing.  A nice icy Pina Colada.  I know it is 'not in style' but I then I do not mind getting caught in the rain.  Maybe I would like an umbrella, though.  No, I have my new wide brimmed summer hat.

  • Swim suit, check
  • Sunblock, check
  • Flipflops, check
  • Beach towels, check
  • Beach bag, check
  • New Jane Evanovich book, to be purchased 
  • Pina Colada mix, TBP
  • Umbrella, retrieve from auto
  • Wide brimmed summer hat, check
Looks like I am ready for some fun in the sun by the pool now.  As for other times, like going out for museum visits on the day they are closed I need cool clothing for the extra walking.  Several weeks ago all dark colored or heavier weight clothing was rotated to the back edges of the closet.  Only sleeveless and short sleeved shirts till November.  New canvas shoes instead of the heavier laceup New Balance walkers make me a little more summer fashionable as I find my way around.  

Farmers on vacation.
Whites and light colored clothing and autos preferably for summers in Texas.  When purchasing the new auto we were very specific about light interior in as many areas as possible.  Better add a window shade for auto to the above list.  Oh, no!  I just realized the new swim suit is black and white.  I am gonna be mistaken for a beached killer whale!  Being harpooned or rescued by whale huggers might not be pleasant.  Sigh, maybe I should just stay in the air conditioned apartment writing blogs this summer.

But if you want to read about some really exciting summer plans head on over to The Spin Cycle hosted by Ginny Marie and Gretchen.

Second Blooming

Have a great summer and thanks for stopping by and helping me organize my summer needs!

Grandsons pool time last week.

No butts about it, these two were ready for Summer and some fun!

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