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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ahhhh! Retirement

Day In The Life Of A Retiree

When I darn well please.
Eat whatever I want for breakfast.
Use caution that there is not too much spice.
Or grease, or lactose or the remainder of the day
will be in the bathroom...

Supporting undergarments required only
if there is to be contact with the outside world.

One has to be cautious as this is read on the computer.  
Computers can be the devil sucking you into hours
of reading blogs.  Or writing blogs.  Or just looking at drivel.

Prepare and Eat Food
This can take a long time as 
most of our food is frozen.  Just the breakfast
foods are not frozen.  Meats and most veggies are
frozen chunks.  If a groupon or coupon is on hand
we go out to eat.  I spend time look for coupons!

Some Cleaning
Just a little at a time as I do not want to 
break a sweat.

Water Plants
Not much to do here.  Five potted plants.

If it is a day that I want to 
I will walk a mile or so.

Doctor Visits
This is a project almost weekly at times.
Not for me but for my Hubby.
He is on blood thinner after
the second pulmonary embolism.

Free Time
This is spent in a variety of ways.
Looking out the window at birds
at the feeder.
Talking to sister or mother.
Working on perfecting photo skills.
Watch ball games of grandsons.

Dress/undress for Bed

Exciting, isn't it.

Thanks to The Spin Cycle Host Ginny Marie

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