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Monday, December 29, 2014

Departing Year


slow rains
as if leaves were falling
at winter's end

© Jane Reichhold

sweeping the garden
at the end of this year
to start fresh

© Chèvrefeuille

The rhythm of planets rotations around a central star is noted by the inhabitants.  With an axis slightly off plumb the blue planet uses about 365 days to traverse the elliptical path.  The length of time has to be adjusted by adding one extra day every fourth trip.  The blue planet spins on its skewed axis during the journey.  The skew gives the Northern and Southern Hemispheres opposite seasons.  One hemisphere in winter's grip while the other is enjoying the warm beaches.

Not all inhabitants celebrate the same point of rotating that central star.  Almost every culture, religion and geographical region has a different time to celebrate the New Year!  The shedding of the constraints of the old year.  The failures and achievements;  the joys and sorrows;  things learned and things forgotten.  Each one in turn celebrates the departing year.

The culture of which I am a part celebrates the passing this week.  Wednesday evening will be a night of watch parties, TV shows, concerts and a midnight fireworks.  In our home the celebration will be one of calmness.  We will remember that 48 orbits ago Husband placed a small amount of fire on my finger.  A fiery stone to represent the embers of love in our hearts.  We departed 1966 heading toward a new life to be lived as one.  This year we depart 2014 looking toward the adventures ahead of us in 2015.

a cold north wind
snow drifts on the garden path
new year promises

©  Janice Adcock

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