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Friday, January 16, 2015


This week's prompt from Ginny over at The Spin Cycle is 'lost'.  With the move and downsize of the last year  more than a few things are lost.  A box of Christmas decorations with an antique creche from Husband's Mom is one thing I still have not located.  Or maybe it is in one of the two boxes I did not use at all this year.  I am still not sure where a couple of the decorative sleighs are.  Well, for that matter, there is an engraved plate used for printing the cover of a cookbook made in 1972.  I have not found that since the 1992 move.

There are always little items I cannot find.  Again, since the move, I never know for sure if it is an item we donated or sold or if it is lost.  That particular quandary makes me feel I have lost my mind.  The mislaid keys in December did show up the next day.  That was too late to help as I had to spend the night in a hotel since Husband would not answer the door.  He sleeps very soundly.

The thing that is the most painful today is my Mom's mental stability.  The back to back major medical problems have taken a huge toll on her mind.  She stays confused and frustrated.  Mom has never had a very positive way to deal with frustration and disappointments.  Her 'go to' reaction is angry actions and words.  It is not the most fun to reach a point in life where one is praying for a person to be allow to pass away peacefully.  Mom really hates having lost her independence.  It will be a tough day when I reach that phase.

The thing the keeps me going is one thing I have not lost, a sense of humor.  Pretty much anything can be handled if a person can laugh about the situation.  I mean, not being able to get my husband to wake up really is funny when one thinks about it.  Even my 96 year old Mom cursing like a sailor is pretty amusing.  And as for the lost items?  Well they are just stuff anyway, no need to lose a nights sleep over one of them.

So have you lost something?  Think it up, write your spin on it and join us folks over at The Spin Cycle.
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