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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Happened to Christmas?

As I have noted, it just did not feel like Christmas happened this year.  I am having to force myself to take the decorations down this week.  There is really no reason to feel that Christmas did not happen.   I hosted our son and his girlfriend for Christmas Eve dinner.  I attended parties, multiple gift exchanges and gained 10 lbs.  The last being an annual tradition followed by the useless attempt to lose the 10 lbs.  I did not go to church not get to sing carols at a candlelight service.  Though I did sing Christmas music for 3 hours on my trip to Dallas to help with Mom.  Hope that counts in the good bad list.

For several years I was away from my side of the family who made a big deal about Christmas celebrations. Us four sisters would talk between us to determine if it would be a dress up Christmas or casual dress.  One year Hubby decided to have some fun with us sisters.  After we had changed our minds from dress up to casual he said to Sissy, "And I had already picked out my dress!"  Well, we managed to pull together just the thing for him for Christmas.  It is part of family lore, he wore a skirt to Christmas.

Back to the question of why it did not seem like Christmas happened this year.  The only thing I can come up with is I did not watch Christmas movies like Christmas Vacation, Elf or Miracle on Thirtysomething Street.  I watch one Rudolph cartoon while making yeast bread.  I missed watching those movies.

But more that anything I missed sisters planning and laughing while planning.  I missed my oldest sister at the family gathering as well as Aunt Opal.  I must take time next year to relish each moment of the season.  Not get swept away in preparations and shopping to the point I fail to enjoy the season.  To take time to light those candles at church on Christmas eve and laugh one more time at the scene when Will Farrell tries to ride the elevator.  It is not too late so I think I'll watch Elf tomorrow when I take down the last of the decorations.  Except the greenery, snowmen and penguins.  It is still winter!
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