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Thursday, March 12, 2015

bird feathers

Carpe Diem #684, bird feathers

'Well, horse feathers'.  Not sure how that expression became part of her vocabulary.  Probably influenced by the threat of a spanking if bad words were used.  Once a child received one such spanking, the threat was enough to keep the words in check.  At least in ear shot of the spankers.

'Fudge' is another word used as a substitute for the spank list words.  'Goat butt' could be used by the dad but not the child.  That was just a spat expression not a full fledged spank.  'Sonny gun' was acceptable as a teen.  College age brought the freedom of saying 'crap' without even a glare from the spanker.

As a senior person there are no spankers left to dominate how she speaks nor administer discipline.  She can express her dismay with whatever words she pleases in front of anyone.  It pleases her to say, "well ... horse . feathers!"

fury, feathers furl
birds in dominant swaggers
fifty shades of gray
©  Janice Adcock  2015

Sorry Haiku Kai, I just could not resist!

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