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Saturday, March 7, 2015


Carpe Diem Time Machine #5, Kite(s)

look up there grandpa'
my grandson points to the sky -
yellow dragon kite
© Chèvrefeuille

Kite (Object) - Giant Bomb

My husband bought a rather large kite several years ago.  The intent was to fly it with our grandsons.  The kit remained in its package through at least three visits by our grandsons.  The kite made the 700 mile move with us so we could live closer to the grandsons.  We now live within 10 minutes of our grandsons.  The kite remains in the confines of the original package.  Time spent with the grandsons is mostly about watching them play in various sports.  The games take up most Saturdays and part of Sundays.

By the time the stars align for Grandpa and one of the grandsons to fly that kite it may be rotten.  Guess I need to do some serious encouraging this spring.  Just maybe Easter could have the eggs delivered by a bunny riding a kite.....

kisses the breeze
tail dances with sunbeams
airborne kite frolics

©  Janice Adcock

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