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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Momma Moments

It is inevitable.  It's a Momma moment, the instant when one thinks, "I need to call Mom cause I haven ..... no .. she gone ... forever ..."  Since I did not call her every day, hearing her voice is not something I think of each day.  Two of my sisters did call every day. They have Mom Moments every day.

There are the dreams about her, Dad, and the MIL, Edna.  If I spend time scanning photos, can almost bet I will be dreaming about one of them that night.  Thinking about all the photos that are not identified and no way to find out who they are.  Coming across a graduation program for MIL, 1933.  Little cards of all MIL's classmates.  Precious treasures needing a place to store.

When does one get beyond this phase?  Not for a while.  My husband's mom passed 18 months ago and he still has Mom Moments.  BIL's mom passed about 10 years ago and he still thinks of things he wants to ask her.  Guess it probably never stops, the Mom Moments.  Not as long as there is life, questions, and pictures with no names ....

her spirit moves across the room brushing gently against your memories

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