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Thursday, October 1, 2015

chaing reaction

Everyone is watching the lacrosse team play a Saturday late afternoon game.  The grass is green and the breeze is a pleasant addition to the fun.  The guys on the field are locked in serious battle for the little white ball.  Whacking and blocking each other with both bat and body.  Coaches voices carry across the field 'encouraging' these 12, 13 and 14 years old guys to block the goal or make a goal.  Parents chime in with 'suggestions' and praise of good plays.

The park is near a busy rail siding.  One freight train pulls onto the siding to wait for an oncoming what turns out to be a passenger train.  The freight train has slowed to a creep. Finally the crew puts on the brakes.  It is halftime so the field, parents and coaches are speaking in lower tones.  And that is when we heard it, the chaing reaction.  The engine stopped and one could hear each car bumping into the next car,  Ever so slightly a chaing, chaing, chaing sound rippled down the tracks and across the green field.

dogs playfully bark
gently mussed wind blown hair -
butterflies flutter

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