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Thursday, August 11, 2016

One Hundred and ..

It is summer.  It is central Texas.  It is hot.  Not as hot as in the Middle East.  Nor as hot as Death Valley.  The Sahara Desert is probably hotter, too.  But hot is hot.  Though I am really glad it was not 116 here today.  As I was returning from working as a volunteer near downtown, the thermometer in my car was reading 98 to 100 degrees.  It was 9 o'clock in the evening.

It seems that anytime one must say one hundred and .. that is enough.  It is going to be hot.  Stifling hot.  Not to mention getting into cars that have been setting in the open sun.  We have noticed that the first parking places taken in parking lots are the ones under trees.  Better bird splattered windshields than steering wheels to hot to touch.

Yet I keep forgetting to buy one of those things to block the sun in the front window.  Well, that is not completely true.  I remember it after I have to get back in the hot car.  Then I do not want to get out and walk back across the hot parking lot to buy that one thing.  After all it is one hundred and ... out there!
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