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Friday, August 26, 2016


..."The measure of how saved I am as a Christian is how safe I am able to be for other people.  We live in a very graceless, cut-throat world. Some universities have decided to build their brand off of being that way. But as Christians, our most fundamental act of evangelism is to create safe space for those who are poor in spirit, meek, and persecuted."...    Morgan Guyton

This quote comes from a blog written by pastor Morgan Guyton.  The subject is safe places and trigger issues in universities.  'Christians should be creating safe spaces, not ridiculing them' is a response to this controversy.  Seems being politically correct is a bad thing.  Seems wanting to gather with persons of shared experience is a bad thing. Seems having controversial subject matter brought to institutions of higher learning is not the thing to do either.

I am a 69 year old white woman.  That makes me a person of privileged in the US.  A person that would not because of the color of my skin scare someone just by walking up to them.  A person that when in the workforce could find a job when needed.  A person trusted with the funds of organizations.  A person struggling to live between all the conflicting, loud, opinionated voices that are around me today.  I am a person whose life full of past sins.  And present sins.

I only attended one four hour class at college level, old testament history.  That class was the first time I met someone who verbalized the Bible was The Only History of the World.  Science was pretty much a thing of the devil.  There were no fights, a few snickers, but no fights.  Once or twice there was an 'I can't believe that' mumbled.  There was a healthy exchange between the instructor and fellow students.  But the Bible only history of the world person never changed his mind.  It did make me think about what I really thought of the relation of science and faith.  It did make me formulate a life belief and deepen my understanding of creation and a Creator.

May we all find that plane where appreciation of our differences exist.  Likewise, celebrations of our commonality within groups of support.  You know, like Sunday School classes, AA meetings, sorority groups, support groups for abused, etc.  Cause we sometimes need time to heal from life and all that living entails.  May those safe places not become places for a focus of hate toward those who are not like minded nor like experienced.  Nor the object of ridicule or bullying by outsiders.  Not just because is is a First Amendment right but because it is the loving thing to do.  You know that whole do unto others thingie.

And if you are interested the response to the question, "Do I think the world was created in 7 days?"  My answer is simply why do I need to make a Being that could create ... everything ... fit into the confines of my mind.  To fit into my finite understanding of an Infinite Being.  There are folks that need a god that will fit into their mind.  Fit into their understanding and experience.  And it is not my place to judge them nor to say they are wrong.  No, it is my place to simply live the life and the experience The Creator gave to me.  To let that life shine in a way to glorify all creation with love, understanding and an appreciation for others.  To live a life that learns from others and leans on the Everlasting Arms.....
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