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Monday, February 27, 2017

Its Official

Image result for chikage windlerHubby is beyond bored.  If you know this guy that is saying a lot.  He is ready to be doing something but it is already too hot he says.  Too hot to bike, too hot to walk, just too darn hot to even think.  Though there were a few cool days and a couple of actually cold days this has been one hot winter.  Chikage Windler mentioned on the weather that something like 27 days this winter have set record highs.  That is eighty and ninety degree weather.  What will July and August be like?

A boot on the right foot puts me with him in the boredom region.  Oh, my goodness.  I am tired of this chair.  Of the view of the leafless trees and Kohl's brick wall.  There are not even birds to watch other than crows, a couple of sparrows and one dove.  I ran out of gum and have been forced to chew on celery for days.  Such a first world problem.
Entertainment by Netflix is getting old.  I have made so many calls to Congress people that basically reply by saying my ideas do not count.  Which makes me even more restless and agitated.  School vouchers, bathroom bills, citizens being detained for 2 and 3 hours because of middle eastern sounding names.  OMG.  Mohammad Ali Jr. detained in Florida.  Really.  Leaves me really hacked off at how folks are reacting to the ban.  Folks got all up tight when TSA folks over examined people.  Now the same folks are cheering the overzealous agents holding American citizens because of their names.

I am just plain PO'ed with the situation.  Why do we want Jewish cemeteries decimated?  The free press being called the enemy of the people?  Or to turn anyone that is not white into an enemy?  Think Timothy McVeigh.  A federal building with a daycare center blown up hoping to start a revolt against the federal government.  The ghosts of Ruby Ridge and Branch Davidians certainly seems to be in charge these days.  A deconstruction of the administrative state is on the horizon.  The folks that chose to change the government are very happy.

Last night I made a comment on facebook about the crazy finish at the Oscars.  Six months ago that would have been hardly noticed.  Now, a relative had to need to say they refused to watch now or ever again.  Really?  It is a f@*%ng TV show.  So explain this.  Why is what show I watch more important than a child's healthcare?  I am waiting...
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