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Monday, February 13, 2017


You know for a retiree days pretty much blend together.  Weekend grandchildren athletic activities do make some difference.  An attempt to attend the soccer tournaments this past weekend stopped after one for me.  I just do not trust me in this boot on the rocky landscape.  Hubby was a trooper and attended 5 of 6 soccer games in unseasonably hot temperatures.

Back in the days of work Hubby and I often worked off shifts.  When we worked the graveyard shift our Monday began late Sunday night.  Sunday's became short as a nap in the evening was usually necessary to be able to make it through the night at work.  That could be a real challenge looking through a bifocal scope touching up circuits at 7x magnification.  I was  working alone so one of the expediters would stop in occasionally to check on me.  A welcomed relief about 3 AM.  More than once I had fallen asleep on the scope

Second or swing shift would have us home on Saturday and Sunday but not at night.  We missed too many of our son's activities working those shifts.  That is the price people pay for making a living.  Our son was overseas on a 10 day business trip this past weekend.  He missed 6 soccer games and one basketball game.  Hubby kept him up to date with texts sent at intervals during the games.

Monday, today, was not just another day for Hubby.  Morning doctor appointment and afternoon therapy kept him busy.  He had hoped to have one of his medicines stopped.  A new one was added instead.  Oh, the joys of wearing out bodies.  We are both sitting with our feet up looking at the grey skies, watching old reruns of 'Murder She Wrote'.  Even the birds are in short supply.  Maybe they are napping so they can work the graveyard shift tonight.

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