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Friday, February 24, 2017

Watching TV and Doughnuts

TV watching is my hobby.  I'm watching "Midsomer Murders" series again.  Have found some I had missed.  I go to sleep watching Netflix on my tablet which leads to missing parts of many episodes.  With special sleep headphones the sound keeps flowing.  This setup makes for interesting dreams.  And crazy cravings at times.

Round Rock has a doughnut shop.  Its name is Round Rock Donuts.  Some real thought went into that name.  The doughnuts are beyond delicious!!!!  Today the cravings got the better of me.  Hubby did me the favor of toting me to get a haircut.  It was one block from the doughnut shop.  Hubs, graciously drove over to pickup a doughnut for my craving.  He picked up a full dozen goodies and four cream filled.  I am so far over my calorie intake for today.  One more will not hurt, right?

When I was working and a job needed completion I would ask for a dozen doughnuts.  I could almost fly through the project with that sugar high.  If I just had a project to fly through.   A sugar high does not make the TV show move faster.  It does keep me awake to see the missed parts of the episodes.  Ha!  This is working out well.  I'll lick my icing encrusted lips, take a sip of java and continue watching the crime sprees.

BTW, those are daytime earphones in the photo.  Bluetooth allows me to set my own level and not blast out Hubby's ears.  Have a great weekend, friends. 


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