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Monday, April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

My, my.  It has been over two weeks since I have written anything.  Busy, busy.  Between Hubby needing additional help with life's daily activities and 5 grandkids in sports, life has been busy.  Throw in providing a meal for the grands once a week and there you have it.  Just plain busy.  Like the Saturday I took Hubby to Son's house to watch over the Grands while DIL and I watched Oldest Grandson play in not one but two lacrosse games.  That would not have been any big deal except it was about 3 C and a 25 mph (39 km) north wind with gusts up to 40 mph. (65 km).  I only watched one quarter but DIL was in that for the entire first game.

A Window With A View
It did not take much to convince her to go home and get warm.  I had figured out I could watch the game from the comfort of my little Icie if I parked her at just the right place.  Worked like a charm.  And if I needed to cheer I simply honked the horn. I was still in all the clothes for sitting outside so I did not even have to run the car to stay warm.  At the end of the game I simply drove over to #1 Grandson's vehicle and waited for him there.  Returned to Son's and we spent the remainder of the evening visiting with them, ordered in dinner and watched a movie together.
Hubby was pretty tired by the end of the day so we stayed quite on Sunday.

Monday was time for a visit with the surgeon.  Looking good was the assessment.  Still some swelling.  Just walk short distances every hour or two and keep the leg elevated the rest of the time.  Do not forget to ice.  And let's get those staples out of that leg.  Yes, definitely get the 13 staples out of the leg.  See you in two weeks to make sure there is no additional bleeding.   With that we were out of the doctor's office.  In time to visit a favorite local restaurant for a late lunch, early dinner.  Especially since the appetizers are half price.  Yummy soup, catfish and slaw was perfect for the still chilly day.  Then I had a surprise for Hubby.

Bluebonnets.  On Saturday I had found several large fields of them near the lacrosse game.  It is a large city sports complex with walking and biking trails.  Here are some of the photos we captured.  Bluebonnets are not the only wildflower in bloom at this time of year.  I have included a few of those, too.

prairie verbena and the small yellow bloom is a low bladderpod, maybe .
Indian paintbrush with bluebonnets in background


We had often seen longhorns in a pasture near an intersection along Ranch to Market road 620.  This pasture is located just a few blocks west of the Chisholm Trail.  That trail was used to drive cattle from Texas north to the Kansas railheads.  Our grandsons live in the school district for the Chisholm Trail Middle School.  With all this backstory and bluebonnets being the state flower and all I wanted a photo of the longhorns.  Here are some of the photos.

This is the intersection for the longhorn sighting 
We were in luck!  The two young longhorns were grazing.

Are you looking at me?  Glad the barbed wire fence is there!
Not wanting a Janicewich, just a tasty bluebonnet!
Well, you just do not get much more quintessential Texas hill country than this photo.  Cactus, bluebonnets, scrubby vegetation and a longhorn. Never mind it is in the middle of town within spitting distance of shopping centers and schools.

Soon the cactus will be in bloom.

Pretty much the rest of time has been at either track meets, lacrosse fields (5 different ones in two days) and soccer fields.  Filling the ice machine to keep the healing leg cold and the usual cooking and cleanup.  Life is good cause Hubby is healing, grandkids are still giving hugs and today the skies are blue.

Bonus grandson #15 on Sunday.  They won!

Middle Grandson in white jersey and their team won on Sunday, too!

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