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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Clematis and Faith

Yesterday afternoon I finally hit the wall.  You all know the wall that says, "That's all the energy you have for now".  I had grazed against the wall a couple of times lately but yesterday was "the one".  It was time to stop and rest.  A simple dinner of pizza and salad was followed by recliner time.

In 2006 I purchased a "Nelly Moser" clematis only after asking God to help me with this plant.  I promised God that I would never buy another clematis if this one did not make it.  I had purchased, planted and killed a couple of dozen clematis over the years of gardening.  One Jackmanii has struggled to survive through the years.  It never has flourished like so many I see around town.  So I took Nelly Moser home and planted her next to the arch Gene had given me for our 30 something anniversary a few years earlier.

This has been a good yet challenging year that began with a quick move of Edna into the skilled nursing facility.  Her remaining belongings had to be removed quickly to avoid double costs for housing.  Knee surgery for me, the loss of two aunts while I was in the hospital and recuperation filled the spring months.  Gene had his knee replaced following 2 weeks in Texas helping with the grandsons.  Of course there was the whole fireplace fiasco that started as simply replacing carpet.  Then the cleaning up after the work.  Everything pulled down, washed, polished and returned to a new location.

We had just about started to feel we had turned the corner when Gene started having chest pains.  Gene spent 5 days in the hospital returning home ten days ago.  The last of the polishing in the kitchen cabinet tops was done day before yesterday.  I polished the kitchen area blinds yesterday morning and hit the wall yesterday afternoon.  Curtains, books, blinds, you name it, I have polished it in the last few weeks.  And there is still more that could be done.  And the yard was needing to be mowed.  And there was "the wall".

Last night I fell asleep on the sofa, awoke in the wee hours of the morning, moved to pj's and our bed.  Gene met a friend for breakfast leaving me asleep.  He returned near noon finding me in pretty much the same position as when he left 3 hours earlier.  I sat up to eat some goodies he brought home along with a fresh cup of coffee.  Breakfast in bed.  Gene opened the window blinds and that is when I saw the single clematis bloom.

Yes, Nelly Moser had a single bloom looking back at me.    She has never bloomed this time of year.  I felt God was saying that all was okay.  That The Creator was watching over Gene and I.  That no matter how hot and dry the weather was, or how hectic and frightening life could be, God's love would surround us and Nelly Moser.  It is just that simple for me, a single bloom of clematis and faith.
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