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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crazy Daze

WOW!  What a crazy day after a wild, roller coaster of a week.  I decided to call my mother early this morning so she would not call and awaken Gene.  While he is doing well, his stamina was already not up to par following the knee surgery.  Then the latest round in the hospital has left him with a little less stamina.  So, I called my mom and pulled weeds while visiting with her and letting Gene get some sleep and quite time.

I took time to, also, survey all the toppled stuff in the yard.  A tomato cage with no wires in the ground was all the way across the yard.  My tin frog that guards the pond was toppled along with an armillary globe.  The little hummingbird plants that were climbing the armillary were broken from their roots.  And the top to one of the fake mushrooms was nowhere to be found.  Not even in the neighbors yard but there was the front cover of a thermometer or clock in his back yard.

So today's goal for me was to get the tops of the kitchen cabinet stuff washed, reline the tops of the cabinets with aluminum foil and put everything back in place.  This is usually about a 6 hour job.  Gene was going to copy a DVD and finish modifying Edna's little desk to accommodate my computer, a digital sketch pad and various other digital devices.

It is now 9:30 PM.  I managed to get most the stuff down from the cabinet tops and washed.  The old foil is off and about 2/3 of the cabinets are cleaned on top.  It seemed every time I climbed onto the cabinet tops the phone rang.  And each call required either decisions, actions and/or follow up calls.

Gene made great progress on the desk by relocating the back covers.  There were loose joints and drawer glides he glued and clamped.  He made a perfect slot for wires to feed to the power strip outlet.  The desk is all back together and ready for the next digital project!  Thanks to my wonderful helpmate.

The DVD is an entirely different story.  I had tried in vain earlier this week to copy the DVD for use at church.  Today Gene tried about 4 different configurations of DVD to DVR using  monitors, TVs and a gazillion different wires.  We even attempted to play on my computer and my system was not outputting a video feed or something.  Of course the frustration level was mounting.  During this saga 3 different people rang the doorbell needing help.  And I finally quit counting the phone calls.  At 7 PM we threw in the towel.  No copy of the DVD.

Time to eat the last of the goodies my sorority sisters brought.  The kitchen cabinet and eating bar was covered with all the cleaned stuff from the cabinet tops.  Fine, plate the food out of the bowls, heat in microwave and eat at the recently reassembled dining table.  Flip the light switch and the light burns out.  I was about 2 miles past my wits end by now.  I teared up over the stupid light burning out.

So if things have been so tough, why take time to blog.  Because I stopped long enough tonight to admit how really frightening this last week has been.  And I really will be lost when the time comes that something happens to my husband.  I have been in a daze all week and putting these feelings in writing seem to make them more manageable.  So here is hoping the crazy daze is behind me ... for now. 
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