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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greasers and Crust

As some who visit my blog know it's pie season at Wesley UMC.  Tonight saw a change in the apple quality resulting in better yields.  Hoping to make up the short falls of the last few sessions!  I actually was able to bring home my order tonight the yields were so good.

Tonight the challenge of pies was the crust.  On Friday mornings 7 to 10 people, mostly women, gather to assemble the dry ingredients for pie crust dough.  I failed to notice the flour cup was being evened off with a hand instead of just being shaken level.  So the crusts were being thin at times causing us to have to "borrow" from a second dough ball when rolling crust.  Lesson learned!

Usually on Friday dough day I choose to be a greaser.  That is the person that scoops a rounded cup of Crisco into the one cup measure.  My preferred method is to wear gloves and just scoop the grease out of the 3 lb. can into my personal Tupperware one cup measure.  Then I round off the top of the cup for the extra 2 TBS to make the perfect dough for crust.

The number of pies we will be making determines how many sacks of dry ingredients are mixed together.  Last Friday we made about 92 sacks of crust.  That is enough crust for about 184 double crust pies.  So I scooped, filled and removed from the measure 92 cups of Crisco.  At 65, I am a Crusty old Greaser!
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