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Thursday, September 20, 2012


So target date has arrived!  My church women's circle met at my home today.  So all the focus of cleaning has been getting the house clean for me and visitor ready.  Mission accomplished before the guests were ringing the doorbell for a change.  Even took time to drag out some of the fall decorations for the house and yard.

And food for snacks for the 12 or so ladies was important, also.  I had found 2 mixes while shopping in the rain last weekend.  One was a strawberry fluffy dessert dip.  The other was a chicken salad.  Lots of good reviews from the ladies.  I just followed the directions so the credit goes to the manufacturers.

We celebrated one of our members 90th birthday.  This lady is one wonderful person to all of us "girls" as well as anyone she sees in need.  She lives alone and loves to cook.  If you are one of her fortunate neighbors, you get to be her guinea pig for recipes!  Sometimes she tries one out and will call one of us to share!  She still is driving her '94 Lincoln Town Car and does some of her own yard work.  Quite the gal.

But back to the whole getting the house back together for today.  It is my habit to leave the bath counters and stools to the morning of visitors.  That just assures no surprise marks on the seat, what can I say.  Anyway, this morning I was on target for cleaning the baths.  I had it all done and was washing my hands.  Pulled the little thingie to open and close the stopper and the thingie pulled out of the faucet.

After this year of what else is going to happen with the house, I used an expletive and then began just laughing.  Really!  Something else that has broken.  Well, after this summer I can say I am Handywoman and will not be beaten by a simple thingie.  I grabbed my now favorite short shank, big handle, flat head screwdriver and returned to the bathroom.

Gene returned from breakfast with a friend to find nothing except butt and legs hanging out of the bath cabinet.  From beneath the sink I told him what had happened.  He responded with, "really".

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