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Sunday, September 2, 2012


My mom has become opposed to the space program.  "A rich man's toy" is her current assessment.  I do not argue with a brick wall whose name is Mary Helen, Mom.  I believe there are so many advancements in medicine, etc. have been gained through the space program.  You know like technology that has led to CT scans that help doctors know how to treat my husband.

Scans or at least the technology were used in the graphic arts circuit board applications.  That helped make my job easier and building circuit boards more efficient.  And scanned images of many of the old family photos playing on a digital frame has given my skeptic Mom hours of pleasure.

So as you scan this little blog, hope you take a minute to just be thankful for scientific advancements and the impact on your life.  Enjoy the celebration of labor in all its form tomorrow!!!
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