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Monday, September 10, 2012

She Is Up a Ladder

Sunday was the first apple pie day.  And we were still drumming up help and orders.  So arrive at church at 7:45 AM, set up booth, grab coffee and donut hole and visit with folks.  Listen to visiting minister.   Close booth, change shoes and begin helping with pie making.  Finish dish washing at 4:30 PM, grab pie crust trimmings, pick up 3 pies for a friend and head for home.  I am ready to get cooled down and put my feet up for a bit.  

Bless my husband's heart.  He had dinner started and a smile on his face.  That is a good sight, the smile and Gene cooking.  He had even cut up the watermelon I had forgotten was in the refrigerator.  
You might ask how did I forgot the large object on the bottom shelf of the fridge?  I do not know how I missed the melon.  I have been slightly distracted, I guess.  Anyway, chunks of melon did the job of cooling me down several degrees.

So Monday morning arrives and I announce I want to be a bum all day.  Funny thing that getting my right knee fixed.  It helped my left knee but the left foot is still being cranky if I stand or walk for long periods of time.  Oh, well.  I finally did get energetic enough to make more progress on the kitchen cabinet project.  I am almost to the end of cleaning the tops when the silly phone rings ... again.  I do not think I will ever get this done with all the calls so I yell down to Gene to get the phone as I am up a ladder.

We were to go visiting for the church this evening  As soon as I finished the cleaning of the cabinet tops I had to get cleaned up and dressed.  I was just gathering up my purse to leave around 4:25 PM when the phone rang.  Gene tells me it is probably the lady that called earlier.  I say hello and the nice voice on the phone says, "Are you off the ladder?"  

Seems Gene had told this total stranger I could not come to the phone because I was up a ladder which was accurate.  This response was ever so much better than what he usually does.  Friends are told all the gory details of exactly what I am doing.  Or worse, he brings the phone to me while I am in the shower, on the stool or brushing me teeth.  I have mastered the mute button so I can flush .....

This nice lady, who works with corporate sponsors for public television, said it was a first for her.  Never in all her calling had she ever been told someone was up and ladder as a reason to not come to the phone.  "She is up a ladder".  At least he did not attempt a funny by saying Up a Ladder Without a Tree.      
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