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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All I Want For Christmas .....

This week's Spin Cycle assignment is our Christmas List.  You know, a letter to Santa.  Oh, my gosh.  Can I really just sit here and tell the world, or at least the viewers of the blogs what I want?  Right out there.  I am 66, yep, it is after midnight, so I am officially 66 years old and I can't think about what I want for Christmas until after my birthday on December 4.

This December birthday thing is sort of a pain for me.  I do not really like the decorations up till after my birthday.  For years I would spend my birthday work holiday decorating my house.  I am getting so slow now that I cannot get everything up inside in 3 days.  Another 2 days for the yard stuff.  And then there is still time for shopping, baking and most important, partying.

Wish 1:  A crew to help put up my decorations.  I checked online and found one down in Nixa.  A quote can be requested.

Besides as the name of the blog indicates, I got nothing in the way of answers to simple questions like what size of coffee or what show to watch.  And most of the things I really would like to have are not necessarily tangible.  You know, stuff like:

Wish 2:  Watching the grandsons open gifts on Christmas morning.

Wish 3:  Gene's mom being able to make the 25 mile trip to our home to eat a meal.

Wish 4:  Having my Granny Chandler's hot rolls one more time.

I am beginning to feel the child bubbling to the top so here comes another!

Wish 5:   A pair of custom made arch supports or if OTC fits the gifters budget one pair of each of these would be good.  Reference my Wish List on Amazon for size and pricing.

Here's another!

Wish 6:  A pair of New Balance 928 walking shoes, 8.5 wide in tan, please.,default,pd.html?dwvar_WW928_color=Tan&start=2&cgid=400745

Yes, I am beginning to really get into this whole Dear Santa thing.

Wish 7:  A high rise commode!

Wish 8:  And a couple of new caps for some of my teeth!  Just a slight change from my 1953 Christmas wish.
Wish 9:  New pajamas that are slick on the outside and fuzzy warm on the inside.  Size needs to be enough to cover my double wide trailer behind size.

And I will stop with this one last request as I am feeling the greed begin to slip into my soul.

Wish 10:  A new car.  Not much as my current one has 209,000 + miles.  

And, Santa, that's all I want for Christmas....

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