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Monday, December 10, 2012


Today we went to church where The Real Story was presented by our church choir, orchestra and actors.  The joy of watching young children participate in this centuries old tradition brought tears to these eyes.  To see the cycle of life from the 95 year old lady that walked up to the balcony just behind us to the infant in "Mary's" arms was reassuring.

After church we did a little grocery shopping preparing for a guest that will arrive tomorrow afternoon.  As we were walking up to the store,we had to stop for Gene to find the member card so we would be allowed to enter.  One of the young women from church came up to us just to say hi. We were both so pleased with this brief interaction with this expectant mother.  Kim is a beautiful young woman with two daughters.  This child is her husband's first child.  They are both teachers.

Yes, it is wonderful to see the cycles of life as traditions such as faith is being handed from generation to generation.  During our recent trip to visit relatives in Texas, we did our part for the cycles of life and the passing of traditions.  This is now the third year we have spent Thanksgiving with our son and three grandsons.

For decades I have made breads, sometimes even took orders and sold for a little cash.  The last three years I have made homemade cinnamon rolls for The Boys love them.  This year the oldest grandson who is eleven gave me a totally unsolicited, genuine hug when he saw the size of the rolls.  The rolls were about 4 or 5 inches across so they would have lots of icing as requested him.   Pretty sure that hug assured more rolls in years to come.  And The Oldest ate five of the rolls as did The Youngest.

The other tradition that has kind of just happened is doing crafts for games with the boys.  This year The Youngest was needing some farm animals so we crafted some sheep and a pig out of felt, pompoms and pipe cleaners.  The addition of wooden feet made these critters stand alone.  Reports are The Youngest is still having fun the the homemade animals.

This year's game was actually a puzzle of TCU's football helmet.  The Boys loved the challenge as did I.  Time spent with The Middle Pickle playing Battlefield or some battle game as well as making his recipe of homemade pizza was a treasure for me.  And the pizza, including home made crust was excellent!

Tonight I close with nothing more than wishing each and every person that might stumble across this little blog a life filled the the joy of positive cycles.

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