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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday Fun

The Christmas decorating in the living area and dining area are almost done.  Just need to press a few things for the table setup and I will call that part complete.  Gene has most of the front of the outside of the house decorated.  Still trying to decide if I want to do the back yard this year.  A lot of work for just 2 or 3 weeks or enjoyment.  I will see how the left hoofer is feeling tomorrow.

Yesterday David and Mary dropped by to pick up a table and chairs for a Christmas gathering they are having this weekend.  David of the helped put my tree together has been pining for a beautiful set of chimes he heard at a relative's home.  He kept speaking longingly about the perfect pitch of the chimes and their beauty.  Repeatedly I suggested it would be a great gift suggestion to give his grown sons.  Or he could use those miles points on Amazon to get a set of the chimes.

All was to no avail as the old farm boy in him just could not justify the expense in his mind.  By now Mary had even joined the chorus saying the wind was too strong for chimes at their home.  So my final suggestion was to record the pitch perfect chimes.  Then he could play the sound and even pipe to his patio.  This suggestion sent them both into gales of laughter.  Mary rushed to hug me for being such a special friend.  And they drove away with a table, four chairs and a project of recording chimes.

At lunch on Thursday I had been treated to a birthday lunch with 3 friends.  The time even included gifts of earrings, wine, wine glass, Christmas sweater and a holiday scarf.  The highlight of the gift opening is always the cards.  My friends seem to always find the best, funny cards.  Gene even chuckled when he read them.

Tonight was our sorority Christmas party with friends and spouses.  Met at Logan's then moved to Fran and Bill's for yummy desserts and warm drinks.  The conversations covered everything from new grandchildren to movies to book series each of the women were reading.  Not sure how all those busy women have time for reading entire series of books.  I do good to get the cooking instructions for reheating the frozen pizza read!  Just hearing the ladies visit about their lives made for some Friday fun.
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