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Monday, December 3, 2012

Friends From The Past

The week before and after Thanksgiving was spent in Texas visiting family and friends.  Friends from childhood, grade school, high school some not seen since 1965 the year of high school graduation.  Others not seen since 1975 when I moved to Missouri with my husband and son.

Women of the Chambersville Methodist Church.  Some are relatives as one patriarch headrighted several sections of property in Collin County.  His descendants inherited the fertile farm properties and remained to have their own families.
Congregation of the Chambersville Methodist Church around 1944-45.  I have grandparents, sisters, parents, aunts and innumerable cousins in this picture.  This building was replaced  by the red brick building just after the end of WWII.

It still amazes me how friendships can just pick back up so easily.  Close friends that have not seen each other on a regular basis can still use code to catch up on the missing years.  Reba Jane my friend and cousin that has graced the blog previously was at the Chambersville UMC Harvest Festival.  Best we can figure out the festival started when we were about 2 or 3 years old.  Both our mothers worked to cook turkeys, pies, turnips, mashed potatoes and dressing for this major fund raiser for this small, country church.

Anyway, Reba and I were able to discuss in just a few looks and sentences our recent presidential voting.  Yes, it is secret ballot but not between BFF.  Still in agreement and happy with part of the election results.

Two other ladies with whom I spent one entire day were high school friends.  Carolyn sat in front of me in sophomore English with Coach Barton.  Dona was part of the 14 member class in Allen where I attended 10th and 11th grades.  Both Dona and Carolyn were in my wedding party.

Janice, Carolyn and Dona, 11/27/12 at Dona's home in Collin County, TX.
Dona's home set in the crook of a wet weather creek was the setting for our day long visit.  We spent time remembering other high school friends and catching up on each other's lives.  Our own small children that we had when I moved to big MO are now parents themselves.  And all three of us are now experienced grandmothers!

Picture from
So it was a great couple of weeks.  But I am worn down to a nub.   I have refreshed myself today by watching mindless TV.  Then tonight I watched a Downton Abbey and was once again was reminded of one other friend, Donna Glenn.  The actress Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey bears a striking resemblance to Donna.

Donna was a lovely woman that I knew during my Litton/Northrop Grumman years.  Donna had a beautiful, pale complexion with just a hint of freckles.  Her dark brown eyes could melt steel when she was upset.  She was smart.  Her memory about every 60's singing groups was amazing.  Donna passed away almost 5 years ago from pancreatic cancer.

Thoughts of Donna make me so glad I took the time to reconnect with friends and family during Thanksgiving holiday.  Time to hug so many of my friends from the past.

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