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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Light the Night

Been working all week long on the interior Christmas decorations.  I am finally down to a little something in a couple of rooms ..... and the penguins.  My plan is to have a couple of special young ladies come and help with the penguin collection.  I have about 150 separate penguin items that will require some work to have enough area to display all the little darlin's.

These two young ladies are such sweet girls.  They have stayed with us a few times while Mom could do some errands.  One of the times they were here I had the penguins on display.  They loved them especially the mechanical ones.  E even brought a penguin to a meeting where she knew I would be just so she could show me.  I have some penguin material I want to get made into either pillowcases or aprons for the girls before they visit.  Hope it works out for them to come visit.

Today Gene rewired one of the mechanical deer for the yard.  He figured that the dollar set of lights we already had would work.  And sure enough he was able to remove the old lights, rewire the frame and solder/splice the new light string to the portion that was still working.  Sure am glad to have him around.  Handy as a third hand.

While Gene was rewiring the deer, I was in the backyard hanging the lighted garlands on the fence. I plugged in the first 60' of garland and it was good to go!  The second set was the older length.  Only one section of lights were working ... bummer.  I had picked up about 10 sets of lights a couple of years ago during the end of the season.   So Mr. Third Hand came out back and did more than his share of stripping burned out strings of lights and putting on the new strings.

I hung a few more lights around a tree, on the outbuilding and it was dark.  With the addition of a lighted wreath at the end of the garland on the fence and the bows along the garland, I was done for the day.  Well, for the night.  And the view out our back windows is looking a little more festive now that we have added Light to the night.

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