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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree ....

Today I put the decorations on the tree that was put up yesterday.  A very kind gentleman worked to stack the 3 pieces of the tree together.  After David, the kind gentleman, and Mary, my friend and his wife, left, I spent time shaping the limbs of the 9 foot tree.   This is only the second year for this pre lit tree so I am still learning how to work it the best.  I pulled the main extension cord down the trunk and plugged into the nearest plug.  Of course that required a chair, lamp table and various room decor to be moved.

The middle part of the tree lit perfectly.  I failed to get the plugs for the lights fished to where I could plug them in before the pieces were stacked together.  Oops.  And we had not thought to attach the plugs to a point where we could easily see them when putting the tree away in 2010.  I wiggled, contorted and crawled all over that tree looking for the plugs.  Finally located the plug for the top of the tree and fished it through to the main receptacle.  Now 2/3's of the tree was lit.

It had become woman against tree now.  I dug out the trusty head lamps.  This is a flashlight attached to an elastic band that fits on one's head.  These are great for campers.  We first used one for reading to each other after a major ice storm left us with no power for days.  Irregardless of the overall look I hit the floor staring up through the tree limbs.

Headlamps, quite the fashion statement.
Please note that by this time I have been wrestling the tree for 2.5 hours or more.  But I was able to locate the elusive plug.  Like a deer in headlights the white of the plug glowed in the light from my headlamp!  More reaching and maneuvering for the plug to meet the receptacle.  I had 100% of the lights glowing.

Time for a coffee break and some time off the gimpy foot.  A banana and a couple of crackers were tasty additions to the coffee break.  But success could only be savored for a short while as there were still two tubs of garland and ornaments to be added to the 9 ft. tree.  I was only able to get the 4 bolts of bronze and blue poly mesh garland applied last night.  Then it was birthday dinner time.

Back at it by 10 this morning.  It was time for all the ornaments, icicles, snowflakes and one "partridge" for the top.  All of these "new" decorations are in the bronze, gold, silver, cream and white tones.  Once these were all up, older, special ornaments were given preferential consideration and placement.  There is only one red ornament on the tree.  It is a flat ceramic box with a first grader's face smiling back at us.  Our one and only child.  I love that ornament cause he made it for us 33 years ago.

And an only begotten Son is what this whole season is all about for me.  Not my son but God's.  So we Christians many centuries ago co opted the various ancient Druid, Roman, German and other Northern European celebrations.  The use of evergreens to represent new life evolved into the Christmas tree.  Today I completed the decoration of our tree.  Oh, Christmas Tree .....

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