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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lots of Bloggers

The longer I am able to stay home the more I am able to visit the many amazing blogs that are available.  Many of the ones I have visited have been done by simply clicking on a link at another blog.  Many of the blogs are following a theme for the day.  "Just Write Tuesday", "Wordful Wednesday", "Photo Thursday", Skywatch Friday, Spin Cycle and the list goes on and on.  Think of a subject and you can most likely find a blog group with which to connect if you wish to do so.

Today I awoke with the same cold Gene and I have had since Sunday evening.  My body decided to add a twist with a nose bleed.  That lasted for 3.5 hours.  We are talking stand over the sink and keep the water running cause the nose is running that much and filling my throat.  It finally slowed after about 30 minutes, enough time for one small trashcan to be full of my red DNA samples as well as the sewer system.  And enough to move to a chair with a towel, tissues, ice packs and trashcan.  And Gene dressed to take me to the emergency care unit if needed.  And that is when it slowed to more of a trickle.  Now there are some of you that are saying TMI but it is probably less violent than the last show the kids watched this afternoon.  Ok, truth is my head is still really stuffy and I am my usual, complaining self.  And it sort of freaked me out as I never have nose bleeds.

We are doing the Financial Peace University.  No peace here last night.  Discovered the Quicken software had wiped out our data for the last 13 or so years on one account.  What?   How?  Because we linked to the bank and it overwrote the file with a new name starting with the March 2013 statement.  I lost my cool, my religion, and way more.  What Kind of programmers do they use at Intuit, former Grand Theft Auto folks?  There is backup for the files but to restore is to wipe out all the stuff since March.  Crap.

So if you came to this blog today for inspiration, education or improved skills then just click here.  Maybe one of these sites will help.
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