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Friday, September 20, 2013

My Summer

My Summer
Janice Elaine Rogers Adcock

Now all my white clothes are put neatly away.
I saw honking geese fly overhead just yesterday.
And the colors of autumn are surely not far behind.
Now as I recount my summer I'll try to be kind.

There were trips to care for a Mom on the mend.
A visits from grandsons when I fell on my end.
A house on the market made work inside and out.
Clearing the house, the yard and even a downspout.

Between trips to help my family down home,
The trusty old dryer gave a creaky last moan.
And not to be the least bit out done
The air conditioner quit, that *&j4 son of a gun.

My Mom was moved and we cleared out her place.
With the trailer all loaded we returned in a race.
The doctor called saying Gene's Mom was quite ill.
We returned to find her smiling, sort of being a pill!

With the home air conditioner still on the blink
We headed once more to Texas, I think.
Yes, this was the trip to visit grandsons and Son.
We laughed, we worked and we had some fun.

The last trip back on the well traveled road
Found us both quite tired from the summer's load.
Then the Jeep's oil gauge quit working as well.
That's all I have to say about my summer from Hell!

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Mom and I heading for an Arizona outhouse, Circa 1953.
California vacation and we both have on hair nets
Second Blooming
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