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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is This Wednesday, Again?

Is there an app to sync one's brain with the universe's time?  Well, the time according to whoever invented days of the week.  Cause if there is such an app, I am needing to download it ASAP.  I usually have a 'frame of reference' for keeping track of time and space.  This finely tuned referencing system has been completely blown to itty bitty pieces.

For instance, in my Missouri life I would have referenced maybe the day the folks made an offer on the house.  Or the day I made a trip to such and such event or farewell party.  Possibly a highlight such as the day we closed on our house.  I remember the day I went to the Plan Shoppe in Garland, Texas, was February, 24, 1969.  That was the day following the burial of my maternal grandmother.

But the last six weeks have been like a machine gun of 'frames of reference'.  Like just since Monday morning, yes, that was the day the moving van was to arrive at 7:30 AM.  Guess what, no really, try to guess....  You are half right.  The van was a little late.  Why?  The fuel pump quit working and had to be replaced.  Had our run of challenging situations now begun to spill onto those around us?  Hope not.  (Those guys were amazing when they were able to arrive.  And moving the almost 100 year old piano!  WOW)  That was, also, the day Husband was to go for his first visit to the new doctor.  Oops, Husband has, likewise, lost his frame of reference and misses the appointment.  

I think that was the same day Sissy and I took advantage of Husband's military service and bought a car full of shelf liner, toilet brushes, hooks, new trash can for kitchen, etc., etc. at the 20% off everything sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I was so excited to get into the place with the stuff I almost ran up the walk onto the patio.  The door was open as Husband was sitting on the patio.  So I charged into the room only to be bounced back by the rather sturdy screen door.  I went into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.  I mean, what else can one do  .....  just give me a minute to regain my composure.

Tuesday, that is still the day that follows Monday I hope, brought no significant event.  Well, maybe one or two.  For background you will need to know the new place has a really big master closet, like 7' x 12' x 10' high.  No light switch but a motion detector mounted on the 10' ceiling controls the light.  The two smallish doors open into the closet.  I was working in the closet unloading and rearranging about 5 wardrobe boxes and lots of miscellaneous boxes and tubs.  Apparently I was not moving in the correct way as the light went off so I waved my arms.  No light.  Okay, I know the thing comes on when I open the doors so let's just close the doors and open them.  That is when I discovered another unique feature of the closet, no inside door knobs.  I waved my arms wildly several times, but still no light.

Again, as with the bounce off the screen door experience,  I am cackling like a hen house full of chickens laying eggs.  I cannot speak, only laugh uncontrollably.  Evidently Sissy and Husband did not find this behavior to be the least bit abnormal and neither came to check.  Had they never heard of someone dying laughing?  I was finally able to get a couple of fingernail holds on the very edge of one door enough to get it open.  Then I stumbled into the living area gasping for breath as I attempted to explain the reason for all the egg laying sounds.

After several hours of lining shelves and unboxing kitchen stuff we decided to have dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.   No, Longhorn was Monday night.  See, I need to re sync!  But I'll go ahead and tell how we decided to be seated in the bar to avoid a lengthy wait.  The waitperson/bartender lady comes to take our order for drinks.  We ask if we can just order our food at this same table.  "Sure" was the young woman's answer. Then, looking down in Husband's direction/lap area she asks, "Where's your little thingie".  Immediately she covers her mouth and a look of horror crosses her face as she realized where she was looking when she said "little thingie."  Now all four of us are in uncontrollable laughter.  I mean, how did she know?  She, of course, had been looking for the notification device they give people waiting for a table.

Thumbs up for finding the Little Thingie

I guess other than the closet event, Tuesday, oh, no, Husband did make it to the new doctor's office.  He was told he was old and fat.  Not breaking news to him or me.  And the AT&T guy came to get the internet up and going!!  Whoot, whoot.  But Husband almost forgot his 5 PM beer date with a surrogate son.  With us all being drag butt tired, it was another eats out night.  Mexican was the meal of choice and Mesa Rosa was just the ticket.  And the waitperson was not interested in any one's little thingie, just good service of food, not thingies.  Just to clarify.

That brings my story to this day which Sissy helped me finally figure out was Wednesday.  It still is for a few more minutes.  I knew going into the day I was really tired and achy.  I started by 7:15 working on putting away items that had not made it to a 'home' on Tuesday.  Also, tried to figure out why my clock went blank overnight.  Top outlet mysteriously quit working in the middle of the night.  Anyway just learning things about a new space.  Sissy arrived, we had some breakfast and started the routine of her unpacking and me finding homes for the stuff in the kitchen.  One item seemed to need to be taken from the top shelf above the fridge and placed in an adjacent cabinet.  Husband had just returned from a get rid of paper run to the dumpster.  He was walking away from me as I was turning on the ladder to place the item in a different place.

So I will remember for a few days that Wednesday was the day I fell from the ladder.  I was not laughing at the time but screaming for Husband to help.   He did catch me enough to break the fall and we are relatively unscathed.  He did tell me I was pretty heaving when falling.  I told him I was pretty sure the doctor would tell me I am fat and old on Friday when I go to see him. Even if I do not fall on the doctor.  Sissy did more unpacking and any high items to be put away were not done by me.  We did slow down the pace.

Around 2 we decided it was time for food.  We discovered it was too early for Logan's special.  Following the tradition of old people wanting to eat out, I had coupons for Schlotzskys.  Really good eats for three, tired folks.  The tomato basil really hit the spot.  

We returned to the apartment, Sissy left for her home and two senior citizens collapsed in the available chairs.  We did finally get up enough energy to rearrange some of the boxes so we could get to the sofa and lounge chairs.  Then we collapsed again.  While I am sure I will be 'stove up' as us old folks say I am ok at the end of the day.

I will remember Wednesday, November 13, as the day Husband caught me in mid fall.  The day he was yet again an angel, my angel.  And that, my friends, is a big thingie.

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