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Monday, November 18, 2013

Organizaton Versus Attention Deficit

I am one of the more anal obsessive neat freaks in my circle of close friends.  I have friends that have no difficulty having stacks of magazines, envelopes, crafts and various items strewn about their homes.  I have other friends whose homes look like 'after' type pictures in magazines.  What this all means is I am not a happy camper living in what we are calling the box canyon.  Today did give me some relief.

Husband hung the do dad wire shelves in the bathroom storage closet.  In addition the device that holds all the broom, mop, etc is now, likewise, installed in the bathroom storage closet.  With those items in place additional items have now begun to migrate into a more permanent location.  As of this evening we have a functioning desk complete with chargers for all our toys and a printer!  Whoot!  It is amazing the effect of this work is a calmness when I look at the order.  And an added sense of direction for the next box to tackle.

Well, one would think I would have a direction.  Husband says I see rabbits and get distracted from a given task.  He is spot on in that observation.  Sitting here writing this blog after eating some yummy homemade by Husband soup I see two boxes, no three that could be unloaded into the recently available spaces.  Each goes to a different area.  I will have to be careful to not become involved in sorting more already unpacked items in one of the places to finish emptying a box I have started.  I think I just saw another rabbit.

The ability to complete the task of unpacking from this move is almost a formula.  The reduction of boxes is inversely proportional to the ability of rabbits to reproduce.  As a result of this problem of easily distracted unless extremely focused, I do now want to stop a task when I am making progress.  That interferes with Husband's preparations for tasks I had suggested we accomplish the previous evening.  This makes my patient, loving Husband want to step aside the next time I am falling off a ladder.  And no one would blame him.  After all it would be justified by having to live with a person with OCD and ADD.
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