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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Icy Weather

Sitting in the apartment being very pleased we  have no reason to get out of the house.  Husband had left his cell in the Jeep.  He decided to go get it and found ice on the ramp just outside our apartment.  The hallways in this complex are open to elements at each end.  The wind and rain had blown in the opening causing the moisture on the ramp.  Sort of surprising that it was cold enough to have an ice coating 30' from an opening. That is serious wind!

We are being concerned as old parents do.  Well, parents of all ages do.  There have been lots of pileups and fender benders all over the area.  Lots of flyovers and all are ice covered.  We live near a fire station which means we hear all the sirens on the way to accidents.  By living in the area where I 35, State 45 tollway and Mopac converge there are lots of sirens some days.  Lots of traffic as a main Dell computer campus is less than 2 miles away.

Not much else going on except some picture hanging, hook hanging, etc.  Put together another barstool so 3 kids have room to sit and eat.  Also, a small kitchen cart is being assembled.  Guess you could say we are just screwing around in the icy weather.  Take care, friends.  And those in the colder climes, stay warm!
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