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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My nose is long, narrow and hooked.  Witch like.  With a hooked nose and protruding chin my moniker in high school was Parrot.  My nose and its less than attractive side view has made me more aware of people's noses.  While watching NCIS tonight I was watching noses part of the time.

Who cares if my nose is not perfect?

So I have a half brother named John Boy Walton?  How did his nose look?

Noses and ears continue to grow.   According to Dr., this is because noses and ears are cartilage which continues to grow after bones quit growing.  Do you think David McCallam's nose and ears are bigger?  He is about 45 years older in the picture on the right in a recent NCIS episode than the 31 year old hottie on the left, circa 1964.

Abby is not sure if Ducky's ears are larger or not.

McGee does not want to make a decision.

DiNinozzo, De Nose o
Today I did laundry, more cleaning, and had beans, cornbread and greens for dinner.  Watched some TV, paid a bill or two and thought about noses.  Don't ya just wonder what excitement tomorrow holds from my life?  Oh, yes.  I did get this picture from Son who is in Brazil on business.

Are you seriously looking at his nose?

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