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Friday, January 17, 2014

Why Can't I Be .... and SkyWatch Friday

In years past I have awakened to views out my bedroom window that looked like this:

Beautiful, for sure, but too much work for my aging body these days!
We no longer live in that house.  Today this is the view from my window once I open the blinds:

No maintenance view!  Waiting for spring and surprises in the landscape.

This is the skyview deep in the heart of Texas.  For more SkyWatch Friday, January 17, sky views from around the world click here.

As I was going through my morning rituals of devotions, click to give at the Greater Good site, prayer list, inspirational blogs and emails I found myself being envious.  Why can't I be that gifted in inspirational writing?  Why can't I have that much commitment to causes?  Why can't I be as determined to overcome adversity as say a Gabrielle Giffords?  I could make excuses or I can just accept the fact that I am not gifted in those areas.

Maybe all I need to be is a road sign pointing to these folks that I find inspirational.   Today I have been inspired to think and reflect by two blogs.

  • One is The Water Witch's Daughter.  I find this blog to be a journey with another woman as she looks as life.  She frequently will include photos that are in and of themselves quite wonderful.  SuziCate's blog site has 'tabs' that include hints for touring her beloved Virginia, poetry and random thoughts.  She calls her husband Dirt Man.  Love it!
  • Second is a United Methodist News Service email to which I subscribe.  The links to blogs in the email take me outside of my 880 sq. ft. life.  With links to blogs from members and pastors throughout the world, I am able to read about the news from a different perspective. Today the blog link that caught my eye was The Power of Small.  While it appears this is a site for Teen Depression Awareness, today's post spoke of the contaminated water problems in West Virginia.
In closing today I want to say simply blessings on each of you that come to visit my blog.

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