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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Word of the Week, Second Verse

Spin Cycle contributors this week are being asked by Ginny and Gretchen (does that make them the G-Gs?) to pick one of the other Spinner's word of the year and give its meaning within our own lives.  The list of words for selection are:  laser, this-busy-life, fun, self-care, balance, schedule, faith and trust.  There are seven words available to me.  I spent days figuring out my own word, refresh, now I need to pick another word!

Oh, goodness I am thinking about the different words and their place in my life.  Laser brings images of the little, polished mirrors Husband brought home from TI.  These small mirrors were a part of the work to develop laser control in the early 1970's.  Somewhere in one of these boxes we still have one of the mirrors.

This busy life, schedule, balance, fun and self care all seem to be intertwined in my mind.  The busi-ness of life for working folks, especially those with children, step children, partner or parents or combinations of the four are beyond busy.  It is a constant balancing act to manage all the phases of work, fun, self care and, one other word, responsibilities.  The only way most folks seem to manage it all is with scheduling or at least having a general outline of hopes.  I mean who has not been scheduled to leave for work only to have a child cut completely off the fatty tip end of a finger .  So the schedule goes up in smoke.  Or into a small puddle of blood till you get the finger wrapped in an icy cloth.  You then call to say you will be late to work in order to take the child to the emergency room.

I do not know if I can separate faith from trust.  Or trust from faith.  In my life I have repeatedly felt the presence of something so much bigger than my finite mind can grasp.  I call this being Creator.  I was raised to call it God, a man.  As a person that follows the teachings of Jesus, I read the Bible.  I recognize the Creator in the scriptures.  I trust these teachings.  I have faith in that Creator because I have experienced The Presence.  The presence of angels.  The presence of The Love that is of the Creator.  The presence of the Holy Spirit sent by the Creator.  My faith does not hinge on things tangible which seems to be the very definition of trust for me.  Nor do I attribute a gender to the Creator.  I find that limits my faith and the Creator's ability to reveal the Creator.

I have a plaque that has been in my home for decades.  It reads, "It is not the greatness of my faith that can move mountains, but my faith in the greatness of God.

So, there you have it.  I could not pick one word as they all resonated on some level.  Want to find out how others made the choice?  Click on over to The Spin Cycle hosted by Ginny and Gretchen.

Second Blooming
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