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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Neglected Blog

I have been sort of neglecting this blog as I worked with the new camera Gene gave me for our anniversary. Those photos can be seen at the Wordpress blog, A Little of Nothing.  The Spin Cycle is on a two week vacation so I am sort of on my own for inspiration.  Of course I do have the Hubby that keeps giving me plenty of material for use in the blog.

That's Gene's chair.  Mine is at the other end of the sofa.  Playing with
remote exposure settings on new camera.
For example, just today.  We were each in our respective chairs less than 10 ft. apart checking emails on our individual laptops. We do no talk much at all as 47 years together leave us with little new to say.  But Gene was being almost chatty this morning.  We already planned a swim in the pool, a trip to pick up an order at Penney's and along the way get Icie washed.  I was deep in thought about some blog I was reading when I heard Gene say he wanted to share something in bed.

'Scuse me!  We are already up and dressed!  What the $#^! is going on.  I almost tripped over myself bolting for the bedroom.  Well not really, just in my mind.  I mean it takes quite a lot these days to get this old gal to move, little on bolt.  And Gene was not even moving any thing except his mouse and mouth.  That is when I asked for clarification.  What are you desiring to share and why in bed?  He looked really puzzled and asked the question again, "Do you use 'share' or 'embed'?"   Gene was wondering which way I preferred to share videos.   A smile crept across my face as I explained the simple process I use when sharing a video by embedding on the blogs.  After my explanation to him of how I share I told him what it sounded like he initially said.  We both had a good laugh.  For those friends and family that know the back stories I say we were hauling bees on Toronto time.

Sofa is against one wall and the tan chair is
almost against the opposite wall.
I will have to record a video to explain No, let me try at least a partial explanation.  Many, many years ago we along with Gene's aunts, uncles and parents were visiting in his folks living room.  Now that was a room of small proportions.   One would assume all words could be heard clearly.  But as most of the folks were in their 70's and 80's hearing abilities were less than optimal.

Uncle Pete says to us "I started to come visit you but the traffic was just buzzing so we headed on home."

Gene's dad said. "They must have been hauling bees."

Uncle puzzled responds. "What?  There was lots of traffic, no bees"

Gene's dad says, "Well, were they hauling bees?

Uncle Pete says, "You know back when I was in the service I saw a truck wreck once.  It had stuff like screen wire all over it. It was hauling bees........"

The Toronto time is just another story of how communications between persons with hearing issues lead to mix ups and confusion.  My brother in law spent about 2 weekends and additional time between assisting his folks get a new television installed and working.  The setup included syncing a device to help his hearing impaired father.  It took three different sets before that setup could be made to work.  At the end of the second weekend and endless hours installing, uninstalling, returning to the store, getting channels etc. in place, BIL was D.O.N.E.  But the TV clock was not showing the exact time noted his parents.  BIL said he would do it on the next visit.

The next visit came a week later.  My sister and 22 year old nephew were along this time.  The three walk in the door, hugs, kisses and then the subject of the time on the TV comes up.  BIL attempts to explain the time on the TV only shows occasionally when buttons are touched.  The time cannot be made to stay on.

Parents say, "Yes, it can."

BIL, "No, not all the time."  He changes channels to demonstrate.  The time comes on for a few seconds and disappears.

Parents say, "See, there it was but it is not the correct time."

This line of conversation repeats in basically the same fashion for several minutes as BIL is changing channels.  In the background the 22 year old nephew and my sis have obtained the remote, set the time for CDT so the time is correct now as channels are changed.  The only problem is the TV is now tuned to a station that has the time of day up in the corner.

"See, that time is staying on!" said the Parents.  "Now make it the right time".

BIL is so frustrated he does not realize  why it is staying on or the reason the time is incorrect.  The program is showing Toronto time.  BIL finally changes the channel and the problem is solved as no time is showing permanently on the TV.

The parents, who are in late 80'/early 90's, are content.  My sis and nephew are in gales of laughter watching all this transpire.

With all the back stories now told,  I'll close for the day.  It is getting on toward midnight.  Who knows what we might need to buzz to bed and share some Toronto time tonight!

Peace and love to all who read.  Hope it brought a smile to your heart.

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