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Friday, July 11, 2014


My mind's eye is filled with the many gardens I've grown.
Names like tickseed coreopsis, yellow twig dogwood, 
boxleaf euonymus, pineapple sage, crepe myrtle, 
Japanese painted fern, purple cone flower, zinnia etc. 
filled my record book of the gardens.

The first lawn was large, almost two acres in size.
It took both Hubby and I all day long to mow.
We used two Lawn Boy push mowers Daddy had rebuilt.
Within a year we upgraded to a garden tractor with
a mower deck, a plow and disc.  We made a vegetable garden.

The lawn sizes became smaller with each move.
Son grew up on 3/4 acre.  Eventually he would mow with
that same Sears garden tractor bought in 1970, three years
before he was born.  The tractor stayed with the house in Aurora.
Springfield's lot was not a quarter of an acre.  A wisteria vine
I planted covered the fence along the walkway.

Now my garden is contained in a few pots on the small
patio outside our apartment.  I have sneaked a few
flowering plants into the otherwise empty soil just off
the patio.  Son says, "Mom likes to keep her hands dirty".
Maybe what he says is true.  I know this,
that manchild is the best thing this woman ever grew.

Son with Youngest Grandson

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