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Friday, July 25, 2014

Parks and Recreation

Town and Country Soccer Fields

Milburn Soccer Fields
San Gabriel Lacrosse fields.

Dell Diamond
Hubby and I have spent a fair amount of time in parks around the Austin area this spring and early summer.  With three grandsons involved in soccer, lacrosse and swimming teams, we could easily drive 90 miles on any given Saturday.  Names like Milburn, T and C, Anderson Mill, WilCo, San Gabriel etc. now appear as favorites in our GPS.  We even enjoyed a night at Dell Ballpark to watch Middle play drums pregame.  We have honed the soccer and swimming field packs.  Each requires a different set of goodies.  Snacks like fruit and vegetable strips are supplemented as needed by sandwiches picked up at a nearby deli or from the booster services.  There are always water bottles in various stages of cold.

Covered Jeep awaiting our next adventure.
The Jeep, which is now doorless and topless, sports both a bike rack and hitch rack.  A storage duffel bag holds both folding chairs and sunshade.  The bag, also, holds empty milk jugs to be filled with water to hold the sunshade stable in the Texas 'breeze'.  Bungie straps abound in bags and boxes as my husband has a bungie obsession.  Bungies are quite useful.

A recent visit to my sister's home had us in close proximity to a camping park.  Husband toured the park walkways on foot the first morning.  He insisted on the walk even though the skies were threatening.  It P.O.U.R.E.D rain almost the entire time he was gone.  We were preparing to send out a search party just as he returned.  Husband was soaked to the bone.  His new nickname is Chief Walks In Rain.

One of my last park adventures was an alfresco dinner in west Austin.  The Capital of Austin Freeway has a pullout specifically designed for viewing downtown Austin which lies in the distance.  Hubby had been planning for weeks a special evening with wine and food to celebrate our wedding anniversary.  We had spent our honeymoon in Austin.  He wanted to spend this anniversary watching the view as the sun set.  It was a lovely evening.  We had many visitors as we sat sipping wine and taking pictures of the surroundings. The wind kept is from having a good sound recording of what was said.  That's okay as the main gist was we still love each other and hope for many more years together.  The background music is the very song that was sung at our wedding in 1967, just not by Andy Williams.

Now for more Parks and Recreation fun join Ginny and Gretchen over at The Spin Cycle.  Better grab a soda and a sandwich for a bite to eat along the trip!

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