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Friday, August 21, 2015

safflower glow

Carpe Diem #801 Khartoum

The full text for this prompt is available here.

Our host chose a talented modern poet's work as an example!  Bjorn is a frequent contributor to the CDHK group.

safflower field
beneath the periwinkle sky –
sight to dye for

© Björn Rudberg

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock 2015

boarding Mesektet
Ra spreads a safflower glow
across his kingdom
kissing each possession
with flaming lips of passion

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock 2015

As we watched the glorious sunset bathing everything it touched in a golden beauty, haiku after haiku came to mind.  It was enthralling to watch the light dance on the river at the Soo Locks.  To see an ordinary plume of smoke look like spun yellow gold.  A bridge turn from a steel structure to a golden highlighted necklace for the evening sky.  No wonder the ancients worshiped such a sight.  
©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock 2015

©  Janice 'petra domina' Adcock 2015

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