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Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Moods

This beautiful Monday morning started with a heavy fog in our area.  Since we have 'fallen back' to non daylight savings time the sun is behind the adjacent building by 9:15 AM.  The remainder of the day will be lived in shadows.  Shadows are good for my husband as he is challenged by sun damaged skin.

As with many of my retirement days, morning begins with a cup of hot beverage, some fruit and a bowl of cereal.  Plopping down on the sofa, I pickup my laptop and begin checking blogs and social media.  Beautiful poetry, macro photography and blogs of subjects from two newly published photo books to math explanations blogs.  Yes, diversity!  Cause I do not want to let my old brain get all shrunk from lack of use!

The fist book review covers Christopher Herwig's Soviet Bus Stops.  According to the article, Herwig traveled about 18,000 miles locating and recording the bus stops.  The photos included in the review are amazing.  The modern designs have such beauty and flow.  In a world that has an app for ordering a cup of coffee at Starbucks, the world surely needs a book about these iconic bus stops.

The second book review covers Carina Hesper's book Like A Pearl In My Hand.  The photos are showing Chinese orphans.  Blind orphans.  The book is printed with thermochromatic ink.  The ink remains black until exposed to heat such as a human hand.  The images of the children appear.  The author hopes to give an experience similar to that of a person with vision disabilities.  A blind person will use their hands to experience another person's features.  Fascinating and so worth the time to read about this project.  Now to convince my family this would be the perfect Christmas gift for me.

To be able to sit on the sofa and read of all these amazing adventures of other humans is a great thing for me.  Stretching my concept of the world in which I live.  Stretching the limits of what a book can be.  Stretching my mind and imagination of the possible.  That seems to be a good way to start a new week.

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